Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wesley the Owl: A Book Review

Title: Wesley the Owl

Author: Stacey O'Brien

Genre: Memoir/Non-fiction

Reading Level: 15 and up

This is the heartwarming story of a young biologist who takes in a little injured baby owl one Valentines day. Set with the task of watching him for the rest of his life, Stacey relates the story of their time together. Of the hardships and adjustments, the joy and triumph and the strong unbreakable bond they both shared.

My Review:
Who can resist a book cover with an adorable baby owl on it? I sure can't. I saw this in a bookstore, and I have always fond owl's to be terribly interesting, so I instantly wanted to read it. I knew it would make me cry, but I felt it would be worth it. It was. A beautiful, touching story, and I instantly fell in love with Wesley the owl through Stacey warm, sincere memoir and you really get to see how amazing these creatures are. Little Wesley is full of personality and his antics will make you laugh, or at least put a smile of your face. The book was informative, as well as humorous and of course I shed tears, practically within the first page. But there was more laughter then tears though, so animal lovers this is a pretty safe read. It won't traumatize you. :) Stacey really gives you an in depth look at a one of a kind relationship, and the things you will learn about animal and human interaction will really make you think. The bounds and understanding that can be formed between these two different life forms is really amazing and special. As far as writing goes, I think Stacey did a fabulous job, the word galumphing was overused but this is a tiny mistake in an otherwise well written memoir.
Content: There is some cursing, in depth information about all a biologist has to do and will do in his work might freak some people out.
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Recommend: To owl lovers and animal lovers in general and people who enjoy memoirs.


  1. Since you mentioned this I want to read it. There's a book called An Otter's Story that I read when I was young and ever since it can always make me cry and laugh. This sounds like that type of book, and I love memoirs. I hope to read it soon.


  2. +JMJ+

    A girl forming a life-long relationship with an owl is something you don't read about every day! And I like it all the more for having apparently been successful. Both girl and bird must be great characters.

    This sounds like a really good read. Thanks for the review!


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