Thursday, July 15, 2010

Author Interview: Emma Michaels

This week, Emma Michael's, author of the soon to be released YA novel "The Thirteenth Chime" was kind enough to grant me an interview! I posted about her book last week. To find out more about her and her upcoming novel visit her at her blog! There are a lot of fun stuff there like a blog tour, and a counter to put on your blog to count down the days until her book is released. I'm so excited to share my interview with her with you! Enjoy!

Q)"How was the writing process for you, did the idea's come all at once or was the plot formed gradually?"

A) My initial idea came at once, but I did detailed research for almost two years before I was satisfied. Once I began to actually write the book, it flowed right away and I was very happy with it.

Q)"What do you find inspired you the most while writing? (Music, Nature etc.)"

A) Music and nature inspired me equally. Whenever I write emotional scenes, I like to have music on in order to get in the right mood. But on the island where I live, nature is all around me. Birds, deer, even the daily pudgy raccoon rambles by my window during the day and inspires me.

Q)"How did you come up with characters? Did you take any aspects from people you know? Is there any characteristics of yourself in your characters? Or did they just spring up into your imagination and take up a life of their own?"

A) When I write a story, I make a point of allowing the story to develop on its own. With the characters, I try not to base them off of anyone. I write about them and then place them in a situation. It is up to each of them how they react to that situation and their personalities develop just as the story and my own writing develops. But I would say that if any character had some similar characteristics to myself, it would be Stephanie. Her lighthearted quips and desire to make peace between David and Destiny is very much how I like to be with dear friends in my life.

Q)"What's your favorite Genre? Do you think it reflects in your writing or is your style completely different?"

A) YA is my favorite general. I love it and it is my hope that even if I branch out that I will continue to write YA. It definitely reflects in my writing and the style I use.

Q)"How did you come up with names for your characters? Do you think they reflect their personality in any way, or did you just choose names you liked?"

A) David was named for several very important reasons within the book, some of which will only be revealed later. In Destiny's case, she was without a name until my fiance one day made a comment about how she seemed "to just be David's destiny". It was in that moment that I knew what her name would be.

Q)"It say's that this is the 1st book in the "A Sense of Truth" series. Do you have idea's for the next installment, and if so have you started writing them down yet?"

A) I can't give away too much yet, but I do have some great ideas that if potential fans want to read more, I promise that they will be definitely getting more!

Q)"In your book is seems that you explore relationships and deep feelings such as the unnamed mans desire for revenge and intense hatred, and the relationship of Destiny and David. Are there any messages, morals, or thoughts you'd like your readers to come away with?"

A) I feel that with any kind of message or moral, even if there is an intent to it, you can read it one day and get one message but then go back another day, reread it, and get another message that suits something completely different in your life. There are many relationships and bonds in each of our lives. Some are healthy, and some are not. Some are meant to be, and some should not. If there is one individual moral within the story, it is that two people, no matter what their history, can develop a bond so important to each other that even if they are no longer together, that bond is just as important and special as it was the first day it was born. For David and Destiny, it is this realization and their finding strength within their bond that will be their only defense against the nightmarish trap that awaits them.

Q)"After completely "The Thirteenth Chime" what sort of advice would you give to aspiring writers?"

A) Beginning my first book was a daunting task. I know that for some it is difficult to get started, or easy to start but difficult to continue, or nearly impossible to finish 'the right way'. Just write. Throw it all out of your mind - don't think - just write. Use your initial story idea to be a guide but not an overseer. Then, when it is time to do your queries, just remember that a query is a major annoyance to write, but it is something very important that will give your book a voice to be heard by others. Some won't listen to that voice and may shoot you down (in my case the 'some' was over a hundred), but keep sending that voice out to be heard because one day it WILL be heard. Never give up! Thank you so much for the interview and to everyone reading! I hope you all will love The Thirteenth Chime!

Interested? I am. :) Thanks again so much Emma Michaels for your time!

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  1. Great questions! I really liked Emma's answers. THanks for sharing this! I definitely want to read her book.


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