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Top Ten Picks: Favorite Male Literary Character

Top Ten Picks is a meme hosted by Random Ramblings. Every week she picks a topic for us to pick our top ten favorites of. This weeks topic is Top Ten Literary Males. So here our my top ten in no particular order because I can't pick a favorite.

1. Tom Fitzgerald A.K.A The Great Brain
When I was little these we're my favorite books. The Great Brain series tells the story of Tom Fitzgerald a smart, money loving, and somewhat criminally minded young boy who loves to outsmart the kids and grown ups in his town. It is narrated by Tom's little brother John who is ever disapproving but always in awe of the things his brother gets away with. I always loved to read about all the cons Tom would pull and I must say I loved him to bits for it. Possibly because in my secret heart I had always wanted to do something similar. :P

2. Neville Longbottom

He is one of my favorite characters in HP because he is a truly brave loyal character. Even from the first book, when he tries to stop the "power of 3" from getting into trouble. I think what I like most about this character is, he does things that he is afraid of. He also has a very heartbreaking story. I'm not ashamed to say I cried during the 5th book, and it's just a testament to what a great character J.K. Rowling created. Also I'd like to thank the editor who accepted J.K's book because he told her to put more Neville in it. :) Also I loved him in the 7th book as well. He really grows as a character throughout the series from the "worst wizard" in the first book to a hero in the last.

3. Percy Jackson
This brave little hero capture my affections from the first book. He is absolutely fantastic. He is the typical boy, fun loving, hyper, and full of humor. His narrations are a joy to read, which was a pleasant surprise for me because I didn't think I would like this series so much. I think I like Percy so much because for some odd reason I always thought that is I had a little brother he would be like Percy. I know that sounds completely odd but that was how real he was too me. It definitely took me by surprise how attached I became to him, and again it's just another testament of great writing by Rick Riordan.

4. Christopher Chant A.K.A Chrestomanci
Well this one I picked more as a fun character than any specific deep reason for why I like him. Smart, and quirky Christopher is first introduced as the Chrestomanci in "Charmed Life" a very powerful magician who see's that magic remains in hand in all of the realms of the universe. If you chant is name 3 times he will come and help you out of any magical problem you have with his quick wit and clever use of magic. I like reading his character it's very imaginative and funny. I also like the crazy outfits Dianna Wynne Jones is always putting him in. :P

5. Twig
Twig is the first protagonist introduced in The highly imaginative and adventurous series The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Raised by a family of woodtrolls Twig starts out as an impetuous, immature, angst ridden boy. You're wondering where the desirable qualities come in. I guess it's all in the character growth here. All alone wandering through the dangerous Deepwoods Twig learns a lot about himself and does plenty of growing up, as he tries to survive and find the people he belongs with. As the series progresses Twig turns into a brave and caring young man, although always impetious, and I like that about him.

6. Sherlock Holmes
The quintessential detective Sherlock Holmes was based off of Edgar Allen Poe's lesser known detective C. Auguste Dupin. Be that as it may Sherlock Holmes is a unique character in and of himself. Bringing cold clear logic to the table, Sherlock Holmes is still as popular today as he was when the stories were first published, and it's no mystery why. :P He is clever, full of justice, and very human. He is full of faults, as prone to addictions as the next person, and he is a confirmed bachelor. He has taken a million readers on a ton of adventures and will continue to do so for many years to come. I first read Sherlock Holmes because as a mystery fan I felt I could not call myself one unless I read SH. I wasn't sure I would like it.You can see how wrong I was. :)

7. Linus Van Pelt
Little Linus Van Pelt is Charlie Browns best friend. He is extremely smart, able to quote Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and verses from the bible. He is very knowledgeable of human nature. Yet he constantly has to carry around his blankie, confuses Christmas and Halloween, and waits every year for the Great Pumpkin in the Pumpkin patch. Linus has always been my favorite peanuts character, and probably always will be. It's great to see the world through the eyes of such a smart yet innocent child.

8. Eustace Scrubbs
"There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it." and so is introduced one of my favorite characters in The Chronicles of Narnia series. At first an annoying boy who loves to make fun of his cousins Edmund and Lucy, Eustace is transported to Narnia with them, and goes on a great adventure that changes his life and character. I like a lot of character like this, and I think it's because they are so terrible at first, and they go through a lot of bad stuff because of their selfishness and stupid decisions. But they are so terrible that they cannot change, and learn their lesson. These types of characters in the end are loved not because they were always good but because they were bad, and became stronger characters because of how far they fall. In the end they are braver and more loyal to their cause because they have seen what the other side is like, and how it did not benefit them. Eustace's story is somewhat similar to Edmund's and they are both my favorite. But I like Eustace more although I couldn't quite tell you why. Also the two books he is in are my two favorite Narnia books the 2nd being The Silver Chair.

9. Encyclopedia Brown
Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown is one of my favorite boy detectives. I started reading them when I was 11 and was simple crazy about them. I loved how clever Encyclopedia was and also how modest he was. He is always willing to help people with their problems but he's not loud or obnoxious about it. The mysteries he solves are not easy ones either. They are written in a figure it out yourself format, there are clues in the passages so that by the end of the story you should be able to figure out the solution. I rarely did though and usually went to the back of the book to read the solution. But it never took away from my enjoyment of the stories.

10. Mr. Knightley
Ah Mr. Knightley, possibly my favorite Austen hero. I absolutely came to love him while reading Emma. Wise and steadfast, Mr. Knightley has known Emma since she was a child. Her knows just how silly and impetuous she can be. He also knows that she has a good heart and he absolutely loves her flaws and all. I like that he can talk to her, and tell her where she's gone wrong, and even though it's criticism, it's loving and meant kindly, and only for her best. I also love how jealous he is of Frank Churchhill, that adds a great comical side to his character. :)

Well that's it for today. Again there not done in order of importance only in order of them popping into my head. :P Also I love all the Austen hero's but Knightley is my favorite. My 2nd is Henry Tilney. :) Most of my favorite characters are from MG novels as I haven't found any amazing YA hero's and I haven't read that many adult books yet. What are your favorite male literary characters?


  1. I LOVE Sherlock Holmes and Linus!!!!!

  2. Great list... especially Neville!

  3. You have some awesome choices here! I used to love reading Encyclopedia Brown, and I considered Mr. Knightley for my Top Ten list but went in favor of a couple other Austen heroes (too many to choose from!) Anyway, I'm a new blogger and now following you :)


  4. I love your commentaries on your picks! Great post :D

  5. O00h Neville Longbottom is probably one of the most underrated characters out there! So glad he gets some sort of recognition from readers still :)

    I most definitely agree with Holmes and Encylopedia Brown..

  6. Hello, just hopping through.... :)

    Aww! Love that Neville Longbottom and Percy Jackson!


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