Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hanukkah Present and the Call of The Books!

This is the new beautiful book my brother gave for me for Hanukkah. It's called Fantastic Mr. Fox, by Roald Dahl. He knew I wanted to see the movies but he didn't have any time to take me, so he bought me the book instead. This picture really doesn't do justice in showing what a beautiful edition this is. There's even an interview with Roald in the back. (:

Now I have a confession: I had a relapse in my whole "don't check out library books and read the ones I have at home." commitment. What can I say, I'm terribly terribly weak, and the books on the library shelves call to me, pleading in sultry voices, "Check us out, we have pretty covers, and we promise we're interesting!" and I say, "No I have tons of books at home to read!" and then they say, "But you could just hold us meanwhile, you know how you love to hold new books and have them in your room, oh and that wonderful book smell of sweet ink and musty paper. You'll eventually finish all the ones you have at home, you'll be able to read us in no time and then take us back without having a fine." and then I can't resist because everything they say is true and pulls me in and before I know it I'm walking out of the library with a bunch of books. *sigh* So now I have a lot of serious reading to do, because I'm a weak bookaholic. But it is what I love after all. (;
Until my next book review,


  1. That book and movie look interesting! Happy Hanukah! I know you suffer from your library book addiction, but to console you , let me say that- reading never hurt anyone! lol Have a good Hanukah, and enjoy your book!

  2. I just noticed your new background. Its cute ;) I want snow!

  3. I've tagged you! Go to my blog for details! Hope you participate.You can do seven things about how your read, or what you think about books and what not.


  4. Oh wow thank you! I've been so busy reading I forgot to check my blog. (: lol. It's gonna snow here tonight g-d willing. You might get some as well.

  5. I got your comment on my blog. lol I hope it does snow! I'm so happy for you! I hope you don't pass out though. lol I know, Hanukah did go by so fast! Though I do look forward to seeing all eight candles(and shamash) on the Hanukiah tonight~and some more dreidel!
    Have a good Shabbat, Hanukah, and Tevet!

    p.s- I had trouble with finding people You can tag me if you


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