Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I Love The Anne Series by L.M. Montgomery

When I was little I loved watching the Anne movies, when I turned 12 or so I read the first book Anne of Green Gables. I tried reading Anne of Avonlea right after it, but I never got very far. A couple month's ago I was feeling really down, none of the book's I was reading were making me happy, I was longing for something in literature that I was not finding. On a lark, I picked up our beautiful copy of Anne of Avonlea and thought I would try and give it another go. I haven't read any classic children's literature in a while. I forgot how wonderful, and beautiful they could be with their everyday plot's full of humor, and gentle lesson's and character's that you really come to love. After Anne of Avonlea I quickly moved on to Anne of the Island and then Anne of Windy Poplar's and loved every single one of them. It was nice to read of adventures Anne has that you never see in the movies (although the 1st two adaptation's certainly do the stories justice.) and meet character's you would have never met before like mischievous but loving Davy and his perfect sister Dora introduced in the 2nd book, or the carefree seemingly shallow Philippa who Anne befriends in the 3rd book.
I found that the Anne series was just what I needed at the time, I was lost in every page, wishing I could jump into her Gibson girl life on Prince Edward Island. I am now working on Anne's House of Dream's and will go on until I finish the whole Anne series. Then I'll move on to L.M. Montgomery's other works particularly the Emily series. You know I never knew until recently that Montgomery wrote anything outside of the Anne series. Silly me! :P What are some of your favorite classic children series? Do you still read them, and why do you love them?


  1. hey from the hop :) I just read Anne #1 and it's those type of books that make you remenice about your childhood, and wish you had a friend like anne.. i thought it was a lovely book.
    I haven't started anne of avonlea yet though :(

    anyways.. have a great weekend, your blog is b-e-a-utiful!

  2. Oh, great post! I awarded you, again! You now have three awards. I'll try not to award you too much, because I want your blog to stay a book blog, heehee.

  3. I love love loved the Anne series and the movies, ugh I actually am currently trying to think of where those books of mine are, maybe it's time for me to crach them open for a reread :)

  4. I LOVE the Anne books! I have read all of them (finished the last one last summer), and my sister is currently doing the same. You will LOVE Anne's House of Dreams, if you don't already! I think that one was one of my favorites in the series. Happy reading!

    In Christ,


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