Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House of Many Ways: A Book Review

Title: House of Many Ways

Author: Dianna Wynne Jones

Genre: Fantasy

Reading Level: Ages 9 and up

When Charmain Baker agreed to look after her great-uncle's house, she thought she was getting blissful, parent-free time to read. She didn't realize that the house bent space and time, and she did not expect to become responsible for an extremely magical stray dog and a muddled young apprentice wizard. Now, somehow, she's been targeted by a terrifying creature called a lubbock, too, and become central to the king's urgent search for the fabled Elfgift that will save the country. The king is so desperate to find the Elfgift, he's called in an intimidating sorceress named Sophie to help. And where Sophie is, the great Wizard Howl and fire demon Calcifer won't be far behind. How did respectable Charmain end up in such a mess, and how will she get herself out of it?

My Review: Dianna Wynne Jones has always been and will continue to be one of my favorite authors ever. She has a gift for creating the best and most imaginative stories and situations ever to grace the pages of MG fiction. Not only that but her characters are always top notch. Jone's understands the appeal of a flawed character. Her characters, and most of all Charmian, have a lot of thing's to learn about life and themselves, and seeing that growth in a book is really something special. This book has a great cast of character's each unique in their own way, from little lisping Twinkle a disgustingly angelic child all the way to the evil and cruel (and purple)Lubbock. Jones writes with the best sense of humor, and I am always amazed after reading one of her books. There are always revelations at the end, identities discovered, secret's exposed and this book is no exception. I loved it to bit's, maybe not as much as Howl's Moving Castle, but pretty close. It was great to see feisty Sophie and Calcifer again, oh and of course Howl, who's got his own way of saving the world which usually involves outlandish schemes. But that's why we love him. >_< Oh and two last side note's one: little Twinkle's lisp was so contagious I found myself reading Thopie instead of Sophie and two: Great Uncle William's house is soo cool. I love anything that bends time and space, and look's small on the outside but is bigger on the inside. It reminded me so much of the TARDIS from the British tv show Doctor Who. Wizard Melicot must have been a time lord. Okay enough random ranting from me. :P
Content: Nothing objectionable
4 stars out of 5
Recommend: For fan's of Howl's Moving Castle, and clever fantasy's. If you haven't read Howl's Moving Castle, do it. ^_^

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  1. Awesome review! THis reminds me of the SPiderwick Chronicles.


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