Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Bookshelves New Arrivals

Last Saturday night, I went with my sister to that magical place known as the bookstore. I haven't been to a bookstore in ages since I've been buying my books online fore the most part. It's fun to receive packages in the mail, but I don't think anything quite beats buying books straight from the store.
So here are peeks at my purchases, that are now on my to read list.

Title: Bewitching Season
Author: Marissa Doyle
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Reading Level: Young Adult

Summary: Twins Persephone and Penelope are of two minds about their coming-out season. Pen is excited about the social whirl. Persephone would rather be home studying magic with their beloved governess, Ally. But when Ally disappears somewhere in Kensington Palace, the girls must harness their magical skills amidst the swirl of balls and presentations to find her.

Why I bought it: I started reading this a while back when I had gotten it out from the library. I never got to finish it though. I made it up to chapter two and I was enjoying it, but I had to take it back. So I saw a softcover version in Barnes and Nobles, and figured it had captured enough of my attention to warrant buying it. I liked the historical aspect as well as the magic. I can't wait to finish it.

After finding Bewitching Season I headed over to my favorite section, Mysteries.

Title: Aunt Dimity: Detective
Author: Nancy Atherton
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Reading Level: Adult

Summary: American-born Lori, her attorney husband, Bill, and their adorable twin sons live near Finch, in a Cotswold cottage left her by her mother's friend, Dimity, who offers Lori advice from beyond in the form of ghost writing in a blue leather journal. When Lori and her family return from a three-month visit to the States, she finds the town atwitter over the death of Prunella "Pruneface" Hooper. Prunella sowed the seeds of discord at every turn, and Lori is intrigued enough --and upset enough by the ugliness directed at several of her closest friends--to try to solve the murder.

Why I bought it: I read the first Aunt Dimity book (Aunt Dimity's Death) last year. It was a cute and cozy read. Nothing to shocking happened, but it was not without a lesson to learn. The characters where charming, and I love the covers. (: Who could resist that adorable pink bunny?! So I was going to buy the 2nd book in the series until I found out the main character was different from the 1st book. Lori eventually comes back in the 3rd book. Now I could've bought that one but, I wasn't digging the plot to much, so I opted for this the 7th book in the series. I know! I bought them out of order! Consider this though, if I like this one enough, I'll get the other books in the series. I might just get them for their adorable covers. (:


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