Thursday, October 22, 2009

Checking Out Books From My Home Library

*LE GASP* It is Thursday and I have not yet this week stepped foot into a library. I'm beginning to get a twitch from my absence. (; Alas my friend (who usually takes me to the library) called at 6:30 two nights ago to see if I wanted to go with her but, I was so unprepared I said no. I see this as a good time though to practice restraint as I cannot go into a library without checking out books, and I have so many books at home I should be reading. I bought a bunch of books last year that I haven't even begun to dip into. Although I must say I get a great deal of pleasure anticipating reading a new book so I don't mind all that much. They look so glossy and new, sitting on my shelf untouched. That won't last for much longer. So I have decided that for the time being the only library I'll be checking out of is my own, no matter how much I suffer from withdrawal. (;

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