Saturday, October 31, 2009

Library Book Sale

This week I went to the library. I only got out one book. It was for my sister, so have no fear I'm still only reading books from my home library. (: So even though I didn't get anything out, I did manage to buy some of my favorite books at the books sales my libraries have. It's almost impossible for me to go somewhere with books for sale and not at least buy one. Here are my new arrivals:

Title: Emily of New Moon
Author: L.M. Montgomery
Genre: Historical fiction
Reading Level: 9 and up

Emily Starr, newly orphaned, goes to live with her mothers snobbish family at New Moon Farm, where she has to endure her stern Aunt Elizabeth and malicious classmates. With the help of her new friends, artistic Teddy, tomboyish Ilsa, and Perry who's traveled all around the world with his father, Emily sets out to make her own happiness with her friends and her love of writing.

Why I bought it: Well number one: It's a classic and it was only 25 cents! Number two: I haven't read it and I have the sequel "Emily Climbs" so I couldn't resist it and I can't wait to read it.

Title: Around the World in 80 Days
Author: Jules Verne
Genre: Historical Fiction/Adventure
Reading Level: 12 and up

Summary: Travel around the world in 80 days-impossible! It is in 1872-long before the airplane and the supersonic train, But Phileas Fogg bets half his fortune that it can be done. With his servant, Passepartout, Phileas sets off on a race against time to do what no one has done before.

Why I bough it: This is a great adventure story. I read it last year. It was the 2nd book I read after what I call the horrible dry spell. It was a time where I barely read at all. (I know, GASP!) Thankfully I was cured, and this book helped a lot. It's funny and inventive. The characters and plot are great. I love the detective who stalks Phileas and Passepartout around the world, he adds a lot to the comedy aspect of the book. It's one of my favorite classics. Oh and as a side note: most people think his name is Phineas, well, IT'S NOT! It's PHILEAS, the L was not a typo. I mean come on, even amazon's made this mistake...*sigh* okay, I'm done now. (:

Title: The Invisible Man
Author: H.G. Wells
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: 13 and up

Summary: Deranged scientist Griffin, makes a serum that give's him the ability of invisibility. What follows is a chilling story of his slow descent into madness.

Why I bough it: I've wanted to read this book for a while. I've gotten it out twice from the library, but was never able to finish it. I started reading "War of the Worlds" also by H.G. Wells and really liked it so I thought I'd try out this one as well. It was only 25 cents and I feel I'll come around to reading it sooner now that I have it. Psychotic scientist, suspicious murders, they are just some of the things that I think make a great book. (;

Title: The Chronicles of Narnia
Author: C.S. Lewis
Genre: Fantasy adventure
Reading Level: 9 and up
The story of a magical land ruled by a mysterious lion, and the many children that find adventure there.

Why I bought it: It was the whole series in one book, for 50 Cents! That's a bargain. Plus I've loved these books since I was a little girl. My favorite book is "The Silver Chair". I want to keep this collection in good condition for my children to some day read.

Title: What Could Go Wrong?
Author: Willo Davis Roberts
Genre: Mystery
Reading Level: 10 and up
Gracie and her two cousins Eddie and Charlie are flying from Seattle to San Fransisco. It's their chance to prove that Charlie, who has a reputation for attracting trouble, is not bad. There plans begin to unravel though when Gracie finds a crossword puzzle that's filled in, with all the wrong answers! Soon they find themselves involved in a dangerous mystery involving sinister men, bomb threats, and the strange disappearance of their elderly friend Mrs. Basker. Will they be able to solve the mystery and prove that Charlie isn't a bad luck magnet?

Why I bough this book: Even on regular standards I think this is a very clever mystery. I know when I was 12 years old I was completely entranced. The characters are great and the writing is amazing, entertaining, and humorous. The plot also almost entirely take place inside a plane terminal, and I always admire a book that is amazingly interesting without changing the settings. I definitely recommend this book to any 12 year old and up!

Well that is all for my trip to the library. I finally finished one of the books on my reading list. It's "Christy" and I will have that review up as soon as I can!
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