Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prophecy of the Sisters: A Book Review

Title: Prophecy of the Sisters (bk. 1 in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy)

Author: Michelle Zink

Genre: Supernatural Fantasy

Reading Level: 13 and up

An ancient prophecy divides two sisters-

One good...

One evil...

Who will prevail?

Twin sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe have just become orphans. They have also become enemies. As they discover their roles in a prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other, the girls find themselves entangled in a mystery that involves a tattoo-like mark, their parents' deaths, a boy, a book, and a lifetime of secrets.

Lia and Alice don't know whom they can trust.

They just know they can't trust each other.

My Review: Well I picked this book up at the library on a whim so I guess I can't say I was disappointed in it as I hadn't any expectations for it. So I'll keep this short. I didn't think it was all that great, there were moments were I enjoyed it but these moments didn't show up until near the end, and they were far too short. The overall plot is good, the writing was descriptive and lyrical, but the pace dragged terribly. The story was also predictable with the things it was trying to keep a "mystery". I didn't really care for the characters, they seemed to lack personality in my opinion. I started to kind of like Lia but again, not until the book was almost finished. This is a series, but unfortunately the 1st book didn't catch my attention enough to warrant my reading the further installments. Oh and this book made me realize I don't like Gothic books, I like black comedy.
Content: Some scary moments
Rating: 2 stars out of 5
Recommend: not really.

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  1. I was looking forward to this review, because the title sounds interesting. BUt once I started reading the summary, I could tell that the characters wouldn't amount to much. Don't ask me why, I just did ;)


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