Sunday, November 29, 2009

Secret Vampire: A Book Review

I'm reading a lot of different books now. This one was the shortest to read so even though I started it last I finished it first. (: It's part of my "What are other vampires besides Edward Cullen doing with their immortality?" quest.

Title: Secret Vampire (The Night World Series book 1)
Author: L.J. Smith (Lisa Jane if you were wondering)
Genre: Fantasy romance (are vampire books anything else ^_~)

Reading Level: 12 and up

Teenage Poppy, petite, dynamic Poppy, has pancreatic cancer, a death sentence not even she can escape. Then her lifelong friend (and secret love) James confides that he can offer her eternal life--as a vampire. With the assistance of her devoted twin brother, Phillip, they arrange her death and passage into the Night World, "a secret society of vampires, witches, and other creatures of darkness that live among us." Since vampires are not allowed make "new" vampires without the Night World Elders permission even her immortality is in danger.

My Review: Ah, I've finally decided if you've read one vampire romance, you've read 'em all so my quest is complete. This was a very cute book, it's easy to read and I think it is tame enough for young readers of 12 years old. As long as they don't mind blood, which truthfully if they're picking up a vampire novel, they shouldn't. It's very much a first book going through the draggy details of what the night world is, and Poppy's transformation, but it's done with heart, a thing that other certain vampire novels couldn't pull of to save their amazingly boring immortal lives. There is a little action(and I mean very little action) at the end, and a little pleasant surprise. I think though, I will take a break from vampire novels for a while as they kinda grow redundant. I do have an interest in L.J. Smith's Secret Circle series though. It's about Witches.
Content: A little suggestive talk but it's very tame. It could fly over you're head really.
Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Recommend: yes, for young vampire fans because it's like Twilight only the main character cares and it's nice and short. By the by I feel compelled to let you know that it was written in 1996.
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