Friday, November 6, 2009

New Moon: A Book Review

Alas, I am finished. Reading this series and book that is. Well I don't have much to say here except that I'm super excited for the movie!

Title: New Moon
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Reading Level: 12 and up

After a terrible birthday accident Bella's beloved Edward Cullen and his family high tail it out of Forks leaving Bella to fall into a deep zombie like depression. After figuring out she can hear her loves voice when she's in danger Bella set's out to be a wild thing with her new friend Jacob Black who seems to be dealing with some issue's of his own. Will Edward come back to save Bella from the imminent danger that will surely creep up on her? Or will the damsel in distress have to take matters into her own klutzy hands?

My review: ...okay the journey was long, and a lot of it was painful, but I think I'll start off with the things I actually liked about this book before I get to the bashing part. It's a lot shorter. For one, since Edward disappeared quickly in the beginning my enjoyment level went up a notch. Then Jacob came into the picture and this book wasn't a snooze fest like the last one was. Of course you have Bella's incredible whiny voice in your head the hole time complaining about a hole that's been punched through her chest and the sudden inability to breath, but when she's with Jacob she is a relatively almost likable character. Jacob is an actual character with development (shocker!) and he's a lot of fun to read, unlike the always perfect, always right Edward. His family secret is way more interesting and I just liked the werewolf pack better. He's not as angst ridden as Edward is, and I'm not saying there isn't any angst, there is. It's just not as annoying. When he was in it I actually really enjoyed the book, and the parts that were supposed to be funny were. I wasn't just getting my giggles out of Bella's melodrama.
Alice Cullen, is always cool. There's no way around it. Carlisle should have his own book, the one chapter he was in(prominently) was great. The Volturi were deliciously evil, because they tried to act like they were so non-chalant. The Werewolves were the best! Absolute best! Sorry but I like Stephenie Meyer's Werewolves a million times more then her Vampires. They don't do anything weird like Sparkling.
The bad of course was entirely wrapped up in Bella the worst female character to grace the page. Ever. Maybe I haven't read enough books, but I've just never hated a main character as much as I hate her. She's selfish, immature, self observed, and overly wordy!!!! She drones on incessantly, the book coulda been so much smaller if she didn't go on and on about the "hole" in her chest. I mean yes it was a break up, and I can deal with a little misery, but zoning out for 4 months and then not even really wanting to get better! Hurting her poor father by making him live through that! Becoming almost suicidal, and wanting so much to become the undead but not to marry her undead boyfriend!? What was with all the Romeo and Juliet references? We get it, you're star crossed lovers, and only a fictional character can feel your pain. *sigh* My mom said I shouldn't read so much into the book, I shouldn't analyze it. It's just cotton candy fluff. I tried but, it kept creeping up on me, the horrible life I see in front of Bella if she turns into a vampire. She'll never die, she'll never age. It'll be like falling down a dark hole, forever. At least that what it looks like to me. That's the thing that creeps me out most about these books. Her willingness to destroy her life. I'm with Edwardo on this one.
Anyway enough with all the analyzing! Bella's stupid, Edwards possessive and energy draining, Jacob rocks and in my world he leaves Bella and her drama filled life, finds a girl who deserves him and lives happily ever after. During the holiday season he remembers the Cullen's and that klutzy girl he used to hang out with and sends them a greeting card and some grade A mountain lion blood. Hahahahaha! I crack myself up. Well no one can take my fantasy away from me because I'm not reading anymore books or seeing anymore movies after this one in the Twilight series.
Content: some very mild and very brief language, and some disturbing situations.
Rating: 2 and a half out of 5 stars (and then just for Jacob, the Volturi, and Alice)
Recommend: With Jacob it was a lot better than Twilight. Other than that I don't see why you would read it.

Well that's all folks. I'm exhausted. Here's a complimentary trailer to look at. After all I only started reading the book so I could go see the movie with my mother. I liked the Twilight movie better than the book, and I think I'll like the New Moon movie.

Pretty Cool huh?

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