Monday, October 3, 2011

Musing Mondays (Oct.3)

Musing Mondays is hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. This weeks MM ask's: What are you most excited about reading, right now? (can be a book you’re currently enjoying, or a book that’s yet to be published, etc.)

Well I'm not excited about any books coming out, in fact I'm not entirely sure what's even being published these days. I started a new job, as a montessori pre-school assistant. It takes up a lot of my time. So I think honestly the most exciting thing about reading right now is the fact that I'm actually doing it.


  1. I LOVE the pic you use for your Musing Mondays! :)

    HERE's my Musing Mondays post. :)

  2. I have to agree, it's so hard to find time to read, that the idea of it is exciting! :)

    Here's mine:


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