Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magic In Manhattan: A Book Series (so far) Review

This past month I had been looking for a cute book to read about witches that doesn't involve them running around trying to save the world from impending doom. I finally found a promising series when I noticed this eye catching cover on a Target Bookshelf. I have so far read the first two in the series (there are four all together) and decided it was high time to do a review on them. (:

Title: Bra's & Broomsticks and the sequel Frog's and French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan series bk. 1 and 2)

Author: Sarah Mlynowski (I'm not sure how to pronounce that.)

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Reading Level: 13 ad up

Summary(for Bra's and Broomsticks):
What if all your wishes could come true? Blink your eyes, drink a fizzing pink potion, and poof! Life is perfect. That’s Rachel’s situation. Except she’s not the one who suddenly has magical powers. Her younger sister is. And as Rachel would tell you, spell books are wasted on the young!

Yes, yes, of course world peace and cures for horrible diseases are important. But so is dancing without looking like she’s being electrocuted, winning back her best friend, stopping her dad’s wedding, and finding a date for Spring Fling.

Rachel’s not bewitched. Yet. . . .

My Review: Well what can I say about this book but that is really funny. I love the new and original concept that Rachel wasn't a witch her sister was. I love all the crazy ways she get's her sister to do spells for her, and the results are hilarious. Sarah Mylnowski has a great first person style, Rachel is a great character, easy to relate to and I love the way her imagination runs away with her in certain situations. This was a pleasant escapist read, for anyone who likes stories about witches but could do without the whole end of the world plot line. It has all the usual adolescent lessons: Don't sacrifice your values for the in crowd, it's better to be yourself, and people aren't always what they seem.

Summary(Frogs and French Kisses):Rachel has finally come to terms with the outrageously unfair fact that her younger sister, Miri, has inherited magical powers from their mom. But now the whole witchcraft thing is spiraling out of control. Mom is a magicaholic, Miri’s on a Save the World kick, and the one teeny tiny love spell that Rachel begged for has gone embarrassingly, horribly wrong.

Suddenly, the fate of everything is in Rachel’s hands.

Her family.

The world.

Senior prom.

My Review: This sequel was even funnier then B&B. I really liked it a lot better, I laughed the whole time. Rachel and her relationship with her sister get's better, they are a cute sibling pair to read about. If you like the first book this one is well worth reading. There's also a pleasant surprise at the end.

Content: 1st. Bk: some innuendo and I think language 2nd Bk: a lot of kissing, and some language.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Recommend: yes for fans of chick lit fantasy.

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  1. LOL This book seems more like a laugh at than a laugh with!


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